Репорт на сайте: in a live stream video or a clip -> hate speech harassment or abuse -> hate speech, hateful symbols or other hatefull conduct можно еще и на пунктик Inappropriate or obscene content -> There's something else wrong with it.. еще на почту feedback@twitch.tv Тема письма:
Big Russian partnered streamer (5k viewers) not judging words such as "faggot" but in russian (pidor), just sitting silently and accepting this vocabulary continues to watch this kind of videos
Just casually sitting and watching videos of Russian mandatory military service (recorded by soldiers themselves), how one man bullying whole squad and saying stuff like this “I’ll destroy ur assholes, u are fag_gots, I’m going to wipe your asses to bleed cause you are all pidorases” which means fag8ot but in ru lang, he just continues to watch this videos, then starting to watch another video from war (but skipping it cause chat went wild). This real inappropriate content for family-friendly platform Twitch, which recently supported the pride month. My close friend is going to army really soon, my girlfriend is nurse (so she will do military service during wartime if needed). Why would he show videos like this in front of 5000 thousand people? I hope for fair judgement, thank you guys in advance.

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